What is Bespoke?

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We are Nashville’s one and only true in-house made bespoke suit and in-house finished made to measure atelier. Because of how hard we work, we’ve made a stand in Nashville as artisans protecting a craft.

Paying homage to my Scottish heritage, I created Fior Bespoke. Pronounced “feared”, Fior is the Gaelic word for “True”. When stepping through my door, you’ll always have the option of true bespoke.

A customized experience, tailored to perfection with personal attention.

Most would say that a suit is comprised of a jacket with matching trouser. Easy enough, but if it’s something as simple as a sum of the parts, where do you draw the line on what those parts are? For us, we view a suit bespoke or made to measure as more than articles of clothing. We see them as raw ingredients. Cloth, interfacing, hair canvas, thread, craftsmanship.

3 piece suit for client
After photo when we finished making this three piece suit, shirt and tie.

How do you define good cloth?

We pull our swatches from some of the best fabric houses in the world, including Huddersfield TextilesHolland & Sherry and more. To expand on what I said earlier about raw ingredients, take a quick look over at my friend Rian’s blog for an intimate look into the world of cloth. I could go on, but he’s honestly said it better.

How do you fit a suit properly?

This is where I’m supposed to tell you that fitting a suit is one of the most difficult and intricate parts of the process. Well, it’s not. Why am I saying this? Shouldn’t this turn you away and cause you to second guess clicking the little “Book Now” button down below? Maybe. I ask that you hear me out, first. It’s not just about the process, it’s about the skillset of the person fitting the suit.

making sure sleeve length is correct on his bespoke suit
Checking for proper sleeve length

What is a tailor?

Let’s go ahead and touch on the subject a bit deeper by getting the elephant out of the room. There is a difference between a salesperson and a tailor. I’ve said it to every client I’ve sold any garment to and I’ll continue to say it until I die. Ask your tailor if they have the ability and skill to make a suit to fit you perfectly with their own hands. If you get a runaround or get told no, then you’re dealing with a salesperson.

However, if that answer is a yes, then you’re in good hands! Why am I saying all of this? Well, mainly because Savile Row has lost a battle, but not the war, and I’m more than willing to be on the front lines. Give that link a read and you’ll have greater insight for the next portion of this article.

Bespoke vs Made to Measure and How to define them.

I’ll keep this pretty simple: Bespoke is made specifically to your body by a master tailor and patternmaker, then finished after multiple fittings in different stages of completion. You should NEVER purchase a “bespoke” garment unless it includes more than 3-4 fittings. On average, we will see you 5-6 times for your first suit, then 3-4 on your next ones.

Red carpet bespoke tux for Rich Redmond – Drummer for Jason Aldean & Podcast personality.

Made to Measure is just that. Garments made to your measurements. It follows an easy format of “measure” > “make” > “fit” > “alter”. Some tailors – us included – use measurements where needed, but also employ try on master garments. This method allows us to see a finished product on your body and critique what needs to be changed. Doing this prevents quite a few of the mishaps that can happen with normal made to measure. Remember, if something isn’t quite right about your suit, we’ll be the ones altering it – not taking it somewhere else.

another 3 piece bespoke suit
Another beautiful three piece bespoke suit finished and delivered!

As a conclusion, we hope you’ll read our reviews and testimonials all over the internet. We’re real tailors in a world where clients need honesty and integrity – not a high pressure sales pitch.

Why should you choose us? With over 60 combined years of experience in making real bespoke suits, we are Nashville’s best choice for bespoke suits, shirts, tuxedos, vests and more.

Ready to get started?

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