An Atlanta Wedding With Bespoke Suits for All

One of my favorite things is working with grooms and their groomsmen. Couple that with creating bespoke suits and shirts (my other favorite thing) and I’m happy.

Tyler approached me about his upcoming wedding and asked if I could make suits for him and his groomsmen. We set a date for everyone to come to my shop and build their dream suit. Of course, his future bride had some input on the base color, but beyond that, we got to go wild.

He enjoyed the process so much that he invited me to finish the suits in Atlanta and even walk with them in a few photos.

“The fine folks at Fior Bespoke are wonderful to work with. My groomsmen and I purchased all of our suits from them. The selection of cloth is unmatched. Aaron’s skill in sizing, and eye for creating a suit best fit to your body is nothing short of phenomenal.”

-Tyler Messer

bespoke wedding suits on groomsmen and groom walking towards camerasewing the final touches on a bespoke wedding suit for a groomsman

Bespoke Wedding Suit with Amazing Salmon Trousers

I had the pleasure of working with this charismatic gentleman for his bespoke wedding suit. After looking through my library of swatches, we found the perfect color. Salmon gabardine is hard to come by, but we were excited to see that one of my many suppliers has it.

His bespoke trousers are 100% Australian merino wool, and his jacket is a blend of synthetics. The blend is necessary to achieve pure white since 100% wool cannot be white.

All in all, his wedding was a huge success, and the two are happily married!

Thank you, Tony, for trusting me with your beautiful day!

“Fior Bespoke made my wedding the most stylish most comfortable situation I could ask for. His enthusiasm for design is pretty refreshing. I walked in with no clue…and left with a combination that I would not change if I had the chance. They know what they’re doing over there.”

-Tony Hill

bespoke wedding suitdancing married couple in bespoke wedding suitdancing couple with right person wearing bespoke wedding suit

Bespoke Burgundy Suit for a Dapper Nashville Gent

Eli and I have been working together for years. He approached me one day to create his first bespoke suit. Of course, I gladly accepted the challenge!

He has a very specific fit, but from the look on his face, we nailed it; don’t you think?

After making quite a few bespoke suits and shirts for him, we’re planning our next project!

“I have five suits and four shirts by Aaron. Each one is amazing. He will help you pick out your perfect suit and make sure it’s an ideal fit on the pick up date. His selection of fabric and patterns is very impressive so you are guaranteed to end up with exactly what you want. I could not recommend anyone in Nashville more.”

-Eli Gibbons

burgundy bespoke suit for Nashville night life

Tweed and Gabardine Suit for a Ruggedly Handsome Groom

Chelsea and Austin had the dream of creating a beautiful suit for Austin to wear at their wedding. Austin has a unique taste in color combinations that we pulled off with ease.

We decided on a heavyweight 100% wool tweed cloth for his jacket and a medium weight gabardine for his trousers. The trousers, while burgundy, matched his high style croc shoes.

The jacket drape is in part due to the weight of the tweed, and the rest due to the quality construction.

Needless to say, the suit was a hit, and I’m now designing a wedding suit for one of his friends!

“Only One Tailoring helped my husband create a custom suit that was perfectly tailored to him for our wedding day! We were both super pleased with the way the quality of the suit and the tailoring!”

-Chelsea DeLoach

bespoke double breasted suit and trousers

Classically Tailored Double Breasted Bespoke Tuxedo

Olawale began texting me a little while back for a birthday present to himself. I couldn’t wait to get started!

When we finally met, he ran me through the style he wanted. We designed a classic double-breasted bespoke tuxedo with mixed colors. He wanted a navy jacket with black accents and black trousers with navy accents.

After finishing up his project and completing a few minor tweaks, he got to have the party of a lifetime!

Well deserved double takes were had, I’m sure!

“First time get something tailored and my tux turned out great!”

-Olawale Osinusi

double breasted bespoke suit for birthday celebration

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