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Dress socks are an essential part of every man’s life. Are you taking proper care of them?


Dress socks are an almost guaranteed (and welcomed!) gift we receive as we get older and something we honestly can’t live without. But what about the maintenance of our dress socks? We all know that washing dress socks regularly prevents bacterial buildup and prevents odors, but after drying them, are you taking the necessary steps to care for them?








Many subjects aren’t analyzed often, like what type of hairbrush you should use for your type of hair or the real difference between gel or regular ink pens. Just like it’s universally recognized that folding socks over each other are the way you put them away. But now that you’re reading this, I’m going to challenge tradition and tell you why folding your dress socks over each other is wasting your hard-earned dollars every year.








You have to remember an important part of what makes a sock work is their elasticity, be it from actual elastic or a knit that expands when stressed. Elastic by nature is only good for so many stretches before it wears out. Couple that with the heat of washing and drying, and you cut down longevity a lot. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to wash our socks, and heat dry them, but remember the part where I said “washing dress socks regularly”? What I mean by that is that unless you sweat a ton in your socks, you don’t have to wash them every day. I know, I know, nasty, right? But once you try it, you’ll never go back to washing your socks after every wear.








I wash my dress socks after every two wears because I rotate my dress shoes along with them. I always keep 20 dress socks and 6 pairs of dress shoes available at any given time. So the rotation method works well for me. If you have more socks, you can wash every 3rd or even 4th wear because, by the time you wear them again, the bacteria will have died and aired out. So wash your dress socks in cold water and dry as usual, but here’s where the change will be








Remember, when folding your socks, you’re artificially expanding the top and losing that snug and secure fit around your calf. Sure, you have less of a chance to lose them when they’re “mated,” but given just a few more seconds of your time when doing laundry, you won’t be affected by lost socks. So what exactly is the best way to store your dress socks? Roll them! Place one sock on top of another and start rolling from the toes to the top. More of a visual person? I’ll let Drake explain it.




drake meme showing the right way and wrong way to store socks




When you switch to this method of care for and storing your socks, they’ll not only last longer, but they’ll fit better, too. Your closet will also thank you because rolling your socks and putting them in a shoebox or other medium-sized containers will keep your clutter down to a minimum, and refuse out of the dump! If you switch to every other wear or longer for washing your dress socks, you’ll have more time to do other things than laundry – and if you’re like me, you dread tediously folding your clothes instead of hanging them.

Have a lot of wool socks, or want to keep your socks smelling fresh all the time? Grab a bag of cedar wood balls, throw them in the shoebox, and put the top on to keep moths away!

I’ve been rolling my dress socks for years, and because I have enough socks in my rotation, I’ve had more than a few pairs last me way longer than I anticipated.

What about you? Are you going to switch to rolling, stick to folding, or do you have another method you prefer? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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