Garment Care

A Compendium About Garment Care

Always dry clean your custom shirts.

Dry cleaning your custom dress shirts help prevent skin cells from working their way into the fabric and breaking it down over time. It also prevents the onset of caked-on antiperspirant and deodorant at the underarms. We recommend light to no starch for standard dress shirts.

We also recommend dry cleaning for your formal shirts. While we normally do not recommend heavy starch, it is highly advised that you opt for medium to heavy starch. This keeps your shirt looking clean and crisp when being worn.

Casual style shirts may be washed in a washing machine with cold water and then hung to dry when dry cleaning is not possible. Otherwise, please stick to the same practice as you would for dress shirts. Light to no starch is best.

We recommend you search through Google or Yelp for “dry cleaner reviews” so you can find the highest-rated and best place near you. Do not let them “launder” them as it will cause shrinking.

It’s not necessary to dry clean your suit after every wear. Even after wearing it 3-4 times, it’s not really necessary. If you sweat a lot, we recommend you search for a reputable dry cleaner on Google or Yelp and take it to them.

One major mistake people make is not telling their dry cleaner to press their suits with a “utility press.” This prevents them from putting it in their automated press machine which ruins your lapels. One of the hallmarks of a great jacket is having a lapel that rolls – and improper dry cleaning can ruin that.

To keep things looking fresh you may bring your bespoke garments to us for what’s called “sponging.” This process is done by true bespoke tailors for the life of the garment. Any time you need a press on your bespoke clothing, we’ll handle it for you. If things require the service of a dry cleaner, we will take it to them and have them process it in a way we approve. We will provide you with the receipt for reimbursement.

Please only dry clean your suit after wearing it 10-15 times, unless you sweat a lot and it begins to smell.

We go against the grain when it comes to raw denim. With our years of experience, it’s obvious that the misinformation about washing your raw denim is just that. Yes, if you want to maintain a sacred bond with your jeans and have every wrinkle and crease be from normal wear, then do not wash them.

However,  please understand that oil and cells from your skin will penetrate your jeans and over time they will fall apart. Washing inside out in cold water with a color-safe detergent of your choice is the best. Do not ever dry your jeans for more than 5 minutes, also inside out. Hang them to dry.


If you want to maintain your jeans properly but do not want to wash them, please take them to the dry cleaner of your choice. While cold water and hanging to dry won’t shrink your jeans much, dry cleaning is still the safest option.


Raw denim is a way of life for a lot of people. If you work hard and play hard in them you’ll notice that each pair will take on a life of its own. Raw denim jeans are truly a beautiful sight. We have multiple pairs in our closet for years and each one has creases, wrinkles, and fading, all as unique as a fingerprint.


Individual fade lines are a testament to your time together and not to be considered a flaw.

We’ve partnered up with Blue Delta Jeans to create your bespoke jeans and chinos. They are made from raw denim or Holland & Sherry cotton fabrics and feature beautiful stretch. Please keep in mind that the Holland & Sherry cotton cloth is dry-clean only.


If you’re traveling for long distances we recommend bagging and hanging your garments behind the drivers’ side door. This prevents a massive blind spot from creeping up on you when you are merging into the right lanes. It’s important to hang your garments as often as possible, as the natural support built into each garment does not like to be crumpled.


If you’re flying with an extra suit or two, you should hang them on what we call a “temp hanger” and hand them to a flight attendant for hanging in the closet. A temp hanger is narrower and not meant for extended hanging and support for jackets. Please keep in mind we only suggest this because there is only so much room on an airplane and other people may be attempting to hang their suits as well.

If you must place your garments in a suitcase please review the following instructions on how to properly fold your jacket and pants.

For the jackets, place your shoulder points backward together folding down the center back seam. Then fold the jacket near the second button and neatly place the arms folded at the elbows across the jacket. Then place your jacket in a garment bag along with your matching pants if applicable. Do not pack a suit jacket or pants with jeans or chinos as the friction will cause the wool to become damaged over time.

For pants, unbutton and unzip them, then lay side seam to side seam at the waistband and ensure the creases of both legs meet front to front and back to back. Then fold them at the knee and place them in a bag.

Hang your pieces in the bathroom of your hotel and turn on a hot shower to release most wrinkles. If the hotel has a steamer or iron you may use that instead.

If you bring your dress shoes, most airports have a shoeshine station to freshen up your shoes. It’s a great way to spend layover time and keep your pieces in top condition.

Support your shoes that are being packed by placing socks and underwear in them. Their cavernous insides need the support, and your shoe trees are too cumbersome to pack and travel with.

We have specialty branded Fior Bespoke hangers for your use. Please use them at all times when you are not wearing your garments. The floor is not a shelf!

If you have enough vertical space in your closet, we recommend hanging pants and jeans by their hem with a clamping hanger. These are also available at our showroom and online store for you to purchase.

Daily Care:

A great investment is a good steamer. One that we keep in our closets is the Jiffy E-Steam. It can be purchased through us for $75 in our showroom or online store. Steaming the arms and back of your jacket is a-okay, but please refrain from steaming the front body panels of your jacket or lapel.

Ironing is absolutely fine on all wool and cotton cloth garments. Your jackets, pants, jeans, and shirts can be ironed carefully by paying close attention to the heat setting on your iron. Cotton for cotton, wool for wool. Please refrain from steaming the body of the jacket and instead use dry heat where possible.  

Always hang your garments properly when not being worn.


As for stains, please take your custom pieces to a dry cleaner and ask them to remove it. They’re professionals at what they do, and a lot of off the shelf stain removers can prevent stains from being removed properly.

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