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It all starts with


A unique process

From start to finish, your suit, shirt, or other garments are 100% custom made to fit only you.

We understand that not many people enjoy shopping for suits, but we make the suit-buying process easy!
We help you custom design the best suit or separates for you, no matter what.

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Schedule an appointment

Use our schedule page to create an appointment applicable to the custom clothing you’re interested in us making. We’ll email you to confirm the appointment and ask a few questions to make for a great experience.

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Initial Consultation

We’ll sit with you and listen to what you want in a custom suit, shirt, or wardrobe. We believe your voice must be heard so we can handmake your custom garments precisely as you like them.

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Fitting & Measurements

We approach measurements differently than any other custom clothier you’ve encountered. We’ll take a multitude of measures, including posture, stance, and more.

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Cloth & Design

We have thousands of swatches for your perusal, which makes selecting your next suit, sport coat, slacks, shirts, or other garments a truly bespoke experience. Once you’ve chosen your cloth and lining, we’ll talk about design!

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Toile Creation

An essential step, the toile fitting ensures your garments fit perfectly and precisely as you wish. Once we finish this fitting we’ll start creating your custom clothing. We keep your toile on record for life!

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Final Fitting

After creating your garment with the finest handcrafting in the world, we’ll meet one more time to evaluate the fit. If adjustments need to be made, we’ll alter what needs to change and update your pattern.

The Toile Fitting

Think of a toile as a three-dimensional manifestation of your two-dimensional measurements and pattern. With a toile fitting, we’re able to pick up on the subtle adjustments that need to be made to your pattern before we cut your cloth. A toile fitting also allows you to see how your garment will look and how it will feel.

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