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by Fior Bespoke.

Enjoy Custom Tuxedo Pieces That Embody the Style, Elegance, and Sophistication of True Bespoke Fashion.

Custom Tuxedo That’s Fitted Perfectly Just for You

Enjoy the many benefits that come along with shopping at Fior Bespoke and find out why some of the hottest celebrities in the country use us for their custom-tailored clothing. Our team of expert clothiers and tailors have many decades of combined experience behind them, and they will guide you through every step of our unique process so you won’t have to make all the choices alone. We are psyched to learn about your style in clothing and can’t wait to create custom attire made your way just for you. Purchase custom clothing made with the finest European cloth, unparalleled quality, unprecedented elegance, and sartorial excellence, either à la carte or get custom-fit packages to meet your stylish needs.






Prince of Wales

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Custom Suits Made to Order

We understand the needs of the modern gentleman. Breaking free from the confines
of rack fit and style has been our quest for decades. Experience
custom in a way that lets you customize your style with the help of dedicated

Each garment you’re about to view is made-to-order to your exact specifications,
taking roughly six weeks to complete.

Our Most Requested Custom Suit Styles

Wedding Suit

No one should walk down the aisle wearing a rental tuxedo that hundreds of people have worn before them. Get a custom wedding tuxedo built to your exact specifications to feel one-of-a-kind during your big day.
Photo Credits: @JenYusonPhotography 

Business Suit

Whether the board room or a client’s doorstep, make the most of every meeting by leaving lasting impressions. Attractive and respectable suits can frame you in your best light, bringing a new level of influence and camaraderie to your circle.

Summer Suit

Fashionable and comfortable – who says you can’t look good in the heat of summer? Lightweight, loosely woven but tightly wound natural fibers, our summer suits feature wrinkle resistance, stretch, water repellency, and more to keep you cool.

Experience True Luxury with Our Custom-Fit Tuxedos

Our team has produced a curated selection of custom tuxedo packages available online for our clients. We are pleased to offer fully custom tuxedos online that are handcrafted with fabrics of your choice. If you desire to change any of the styling choices, simply contact us and we’ll work on your requests. We can guarantee a tremendously better fit than anything you can get off a store shelf. It will be designed for you and you only.

Fior Bespoke's

Why Clients Love Us?

Numerous businesses offer custom tuxedos. But why should you get yours from us?

Made to Your Measurements

There’s nothing more satisfying than when a custom tuxedo jacket flawlessly fits on your shoulder. Everyone’s body is made unique, hence no tux should be made the same. Our custom tuxedos are fitted to complement your best features so you can stand out.

Premium Quality Fabrics

At Fior Bespoke, we source our fabrics from the very best mills in the business. What’s more, our experts send samples of every material we receive to undergo thorough testing. This guarantees all our materials meet and even exceed the set standard for quality and consistency.

Highly Detailed

We believe that the little details are fairly as valuable as the more prominent ones. As a result, we offer the same amount of attention to both. Whether it’s an invisible front pocket stitching or button placing, we’ve ensured that your custom tuxedo looks as stunning up close as it does from afar.

Meet Your
New Styling Team.

Seasoned taste makers in look and style.

We have spent our entire lives handcrafting custom clothing and wardrobes for Nashville’s hottest celebrities.

A quick visit to our showroom and workshop on 8th Avenue in Melrose/Berry Hill, and you’ll find Aaron, a 4th generation Master Tailor. Charles Bass, a life-long Master Tailor & Patternmaker.

Together, we walk you through every step of the process so you don’t have to worry about being overloaded with choices.

Numerous Customization Options and Materials

Personalize your tuxedo down to the very final detail so you get the exact look you desire. At Fior Bespoke, we provide you with a huge variety of tuxedo fabrics ideal for nearly all occasions. Our unparalleled customization process lets you decide the specific modifications you would desire for your tuxedo. From lapels to pockets to buttons, you say how you fancy it and that’s how we will create it.

Order Your Custom Tuxedo Online

There is nothing like wearing a quality stylish Bespoke tuxedo that fits you just right. You deserve to have the best and we want to give it to you. Our consultations can be held anywhere you like; at your house, your office, our shop, or we can even meet online. And don’t forget your first consultation is free. Visit our website, explore what we offer, and then schedule your free consultation today.

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