One of the many trend changes we’ve seen in today’s workplace has shifted towards a more casual dress code. The average salesperson is most likely going to wear a buttondown and a pair of slacks, but most non-client-facing people are allowed to “dress down” on more than just Fridays.

When considering a wardrobe for your job, it’s essential to think about what you’ll be doing day-to-day. If you’re meeting with clients on a specific day, it’s smart to wear a suit or at least a button-down shirt and nice pants. The most important thing to remember is that it’s not a good thing to draw too much attention to your dress in most positions – that goes for overdressing and underdressing for an occasion. The client can be distracted by loud colors or bold patterns, and your boss and peers may consider you a bit of an eyesore if you stand out too much. Suffice it to say that sometimes blending in can be a real bonus for a lot of people.

If this sounds similar to the job and position you have in the company you work for, you’re not alone when trying to decide what to wear every day to make an impact but not distract from your core duties. The problem is with everything that you have to think about, a well put together wardrobe is a pain in the $#% to achieve without help.


Some will say that a more conservative solid color approach is ideal, while others argue that introducing tone on tone patterns like herringbone and even pinstripes are good. You need to realize that whether you’re a pattern type of person or a solid kind of person, it doesn’t truly matter which you pick, as long as you choose neutral colors first.

We always suggest five suits that every person should have in their closet.

  • Dark Navy
  • Medium Blue
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Light Gray

From there, you can select the patterns that stand out to you as something you’re comfortable wearing. Throw on a dark navy tone-on-tone herringbone suit with a nice shirt, and you’ll be ready to take on the world. Not a fan of herringbone? Grab a dark navy suit with a windowpane made from a slightly lighter color for a statement piece.

Take a look at two of these color combinations and you’ll get a feeling for what we’re suggesting. These are all taken from just one book in our collection. Holland & Sherry’s Gaberdines collection of Super 120’s & 130’s worsted plain wool and the shirts are from our luxury line of shirting cotton cloth.


The real benefit of these five base suit colors is that they will accept almost any accent color. Like the photos above from our custom suit and shirt lines of cloth, it’s easy to put together a multitude of looks from these base colors. From light blue with white stripes to lilac with herringbone patterns, shirt colors can be used to accessorize your suits for nearly endless outfits. Also, these suit colors aren’t super memorable, so that you can re-wear them weekly without anyone noticing. That said, it means you’ll instantly go from four suits to twenty just by changing your shirt up. 

Suppose you want to take it a step further. In that case, you can select complementary colors in blues and grays and grays and blacks that will let you wear them as separates together, significantly increasing your wardrobe functionality!

Now let’s go wild and consider that each of these looks can be accessorized with two or three pairs of khaki pants, and you’ve got an incredible closet with minimal effort just by taking your suit jackets and using them as sport coats!

The idea of sport coats is that you don’t have to wear a full suit all the time to look stylish and appropriate for where you are. There are many days where I wear an unbuttoned collar shirt with my Wurkin Stiffs collar stays and loafers with my suit jacket as a sport coat and a pair of suit pants that compliment my jacket color. Doing this has helped me expand my wardrobe into more fun things that I want rather than need sooner, like a bamboo or tweed sport coat.


So to recap, we’ll list a few basic outfit combinations you can get from just five suits, not including optional khaki pants. Remember that any jacket and pant combination is reversible as a pant and jacket combination. We’ll list a couple of those reverse combinations as examples. Remember, it’s important not to get a dark navy suit or charcoal suit that is hard to know if they’re black or not. There’s a reason black suits exist, and getting too close in color is not a good idea.

  1. Black Suit
  2. Dark Navy Suit
  3. Light Gray Suit
  4. Medium Blue Suit
  5. Charcoal Suit
  6. Black Jacket & Light Gray Pants
  7. Black Jacket & Charcoal Pants
  8. Black Jacket & Medium Blue Pants
  9. Dark Navy Jacket & Light Gray Pants
  10. Dark Navy Jacket & Charcoal Pants
  11. Light Gray Jacket & Medium Blue Pants
  12. Light Gray Jacket & Charcoal Pants
  13. Light Gray Jacket & Black Pants
  14. Light Gray Jacket & Dark Navy Pants

Isn’t it easy to see why this is a staple list of clothing for your closet? We were able to list out two weeks worth of looks without even trying! Add to this the option of various color dress shirts, ties (if you like them), and pocket squares, and you have a versatile closet that will be the envy of your peers (and quite possibly your boss, too.)


When designing your wardrobe, you must take all of these things into account because it’s essential to make sure that your closet has a solid foundation before you begin expanding. Otherwise, you’ll have a mix-n-match closet that has no real rhyme or reason behind it, and that leads to nothing but frustration (and an empty bank account). Without a good set of suits, shirts, pants, jeans, and sport coats, before you begin to buy the more fun pieces, you’ll end up overspending with a confusing closet in return.


When you’re ready to take the next steps towards a concise but well-stocked closet, you know where to find us! Any of these looks can be made without trouble from the incredible fabrics located in our showroom in Nashville. The benefit of having all of these custom made is that you won’t have to spend hours upon hours shopping for each of these suits, then having them altered to fit. Wouldn’t you prefer to simply put on each of your suits and have them fit perfectly straight away?

Not only that, it’s much more comfortable to sit in a chair with a sip of bourbon while searching through thousands of swatches than it is to drive all across town to different stores trying to find something you like.

Have questions about color combinations, and which tones and shades go best with one another? That’s what we’re here for! Hit us up – we’d love to help you. Every day we help our clients with custom suits that can be worn in various combinations to expand their wardrobe without breaking the bank. With our focus on quality, versatility, and cost-consciousness, it’s apparent why so many people per day trust us for custom clothing.

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