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bespoke clothing

Made in Nashville | Made to you

True bespoke is made with one pattern and by the same person who measures you. It’s never sent off to be made somewhere else.

We make your garment from start to finish. Each stitch done by our hands at our studio in Nashville, TN.

There is a reason why people keep coming back to us to get true bespoke garments.

Starting with a muslin try-on and finishing with handwoven buttonholes, you’ll experience the Savile Row treatment without the long flight.

made to measure

Your Fit | Affordably Priced

What makes our made to measure custom suits, shirts and separates so special?

They’re backed by a real master tailor with over 25 years of experience making clothing.

When walking in our door, you’ll meet with the owner of Fior Bespoke and Only One Tailoring.

A master tailor who trained from 10 years old will accompany you on your journey to a perfectly fitted garment.

You’ll enjoy looking through thousands of swatches, or a curated selection just for you.

Custom Shirts

Perfectly Fitted | Every Time

Are you sick of your shirts not fitting properly – even after alterations?

When you get a custom shirt from us, you get a perfect fit every time.

Our owner believes that music can be made with a measuring tape.

It’s important to catch even 1/4″ differences in your body. Otherwise the fit won’t be as perfect as it could be.

That’s why he measures each of our clients himself.

light blue linen bespoke jacket with paisley blue lining
The Cavanaugh Blazer
The Weekend Blazer
blue windowpane bespoke jacket with skull lining
The Kendall Blue Blazer
5 Star Rating

Our Storefront...

I’ve come up with a saying, “Use the Tailor other ‘tailors’ use.” But what does that mean?

From the second you enter our studio in Nashville, you’ll see true bespoke garments being made by hand.

When you buy a suit or shirt from us, you can rest assured it will be the best fitting garment you’ve ever had.

Custom Suits

*Starting as low as
$ 899 For a two piece suit
  • Made to your measurements
  • Perfectly styled to your tastes
  • Receive 1-on-1 with a true Master Tailor
  • Guaranteed to fit or your money back
Limited Stock


Built for you. Designed by you. Every person has a fit they love. We'll work with you to find it. When it comes to clothing, the right cloth and cut can mean the difference. Don't get stuck opening your closet and closing it in disgust. We'll help you reach wardrobe euphoria. Are you ready to go?