Bespoke Suits - Custom Tailored to Your Body
With our bespoke suits and shirts, you'll turn heads whenever you enter the room. Be the person who sets the bar of style wherever you want. No one will out-dress you again.
The gown is only half of the equation
When she's walking towards you and your eyes meet, she'll take your breath away. With our help, you'll do the same to her. Bespoke tuxedos can last forever, so there's no need to rent one again.
Styled for every curve
Today's woman is experiencing a power suit renaissance. Our bespoke suits and shirts for women are so well cut that no off-the-peg suit will ever be good enough. It's all in the patterning. Open yourself up to a world where your business and professional wardrobe fits perfectly.
Your new interview suit
You have an interview tomorrow, but your latest suit fits poorly. Our team of tailors are skilled at identifying the perfect cloth and fit to get you noticed in your new bespoke suit and shirt. Always be prepared to make the first impression count - you only get one.

Custom Tailored Bespoke Clothing

A lineage of bespoke tailoring in Nashville

Products & Services

white sewing machine used for bespoke tailoring with black background

Bespoke Clothing Made in Nashville, TN

Bench-made bespoke clothing from start to finish, made in Nashville, TN. Made with love by our team. Made for your exact body specifications by old world Savile Row standards.

measuring tape used for bespoke tailoring

Affordable Custom Tailored Suits, Tuxedos and Shirts

You get what you pay for when you buy off-the-rack. Never worry about fit or finish when you slip on our expertly crafted custom suits or shirts.

necktie cufflinks and belt

Incredible Accessories and Remarkable goods

Our showroom has a limited selection of beautiful neckties, bow ties and cufflinks. Don't see what you like? Let us know and we'll get it for you.

wardrobe and closet audits shown with black and white hanging clothes and shoes

Closet wardrobe audits

Frustrated with your wardrobe? We can help! We come to your home at your convenience and put together looks for you. We'll also give you a wish list of things to buy, including custom clothing at a discount!

butler uniform in black and white

White Glove Fashion Concierge Service

Need an accessory or new garment but have no time to shop? Text us and we're at your service. We'll purchase a piece that you'll love and bring it directly to you. We'll even pre-tie your neck tie for you so you don't have to.

Styling & Fashion Advice

Always on the fence when you're looking at a new investment in clothing? That's where our team of stylists come in. No matter what your need for style, they've got your back. We are all dedicated to making sure you look good.


Learn more about the world of bespoke by a real master tailor.

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